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Testimonials-What our fans have to say about Gecko Greetings


"I get a chuckle out of my calendar all year long, and my friends adore the cards I send them. Thank you so much for the cheer I get to spread around!

                                       - Janell H., Big Island, Hawaii 


"Thanks for doing such great photos. I received my first photo in 2014 and have 4 on my kitchen wall, and have been giving cards everytime I find them. I am delighted to now order them direct"

                                                      - Linda M., Banks, OR


"Your website, your photos, and your work: totally unique and fascinating! Wow! ...absolutely the most unique form of artistry we saw while in the islands!"                                                              -Doug B., Valencia, CA.


"Aloha Dear Gecko Lady, I've written about you in my blog today. I love your cards...Crazy cute and incredible. YOU ARE AWESOME!"                                              -Mary McQueen, Hand and Beak Greeting Cards,                  Victoria, B.C.


"These are SO great!  LOL!                                                                  -Steve S., Waimea, Hawaii


"Teri, thank you for the cards. They are very beautiful...and amusing! You obviously love your geckos..."                         -Chris Andrews, Ph.D., Director, Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco, CA.


"The print quality is incredible...they look just awesome in person!"                                                                                    -Corinne K., London, England


"Thank you, sweet lady...the geckos are so cute!"                       -Alia B., San Jose, CA.


Me and my two geckos are looking forward to receiving our calendar!                                                                                       -Saundra G., NY


"You are the tops!  Your cards are Terrific!"                                  -Joyce R., Groveland, CA.


"TOO cute!!"                                                                                      -Momilani, Big Island, Hawaii




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