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Teri on a photo shoot, with Binky on her shoulder directing

Teri, "The Gecko Lady," is our gecko wrangler and photographer, and she shares this insight: "Gecko Greetings™ is the product of years of photographing and studying geckos, with their surprising intelligence and sweet dispositions. The colorful geckos featured in these photos are Gold Dust Day Geckos, and are all unique individuals, with personalities as varied as the red markings on their backs. They are friendly, curious, and compliant, as evidenced by the fact that they will wear tiny leis, or stand at an ironing board with an iron. They are delightful subjects to work with, and their natural curiousity is a real asset. They just can't seem to resist checking out anything new. I've worked with some of the geckos their entire lives, 5-6 years in some cases. Because of the amount of time I've spent with them, they are very comfortable around me, and will do just about anything I "ask" them to do. They really are trained geckos! All of the geckos live freely outdoors. They are not pets, just pals, and I feel very lucky to be able to share such a unique relationship with such sweet and fascinating creatures."
We hope that they enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs, and we hope that you find them as appealing as we do...

If you're lucky enough to visit or live on the Big Island, you can find our greeting cards at Alley Geckos in Kona and Trudy's (in the Kona International Marketplace), Kona Stories in Keauhou, Crackseed, Etc. Shop in Waimea (Kamuela), Starlight Hawaii in Hawi, Jungle Love in Pahoa, Mee'Ra Jah Gifts in Hilo, and now at the historic Kilauea Lodge in Volcano Village. And maybe you'll get a chance to see some geckos while you're here... 

Taking a break during a photo shoot

Our Goals
  • To provide the best customer service we can
  • To provide you with a quality product that you can enjoy and we can be proud of
  • To bring a smile to your face

We are happy to work with you on custom orders-just call or e-mail us. 

Killer uses his laptop to help with the technical stuff

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